Mission Statement

“The Best Obtainable Version Of The Truth.”

Two events launched Brea Matters. First was when former City Manager Tim O’Donnell shared his favorite definition of leadership, “Leadership is disappointing your constituents in increments they can absorb.” which he attributed to Marty Linsky, John F. Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University.

Anyone even casually following events at city hall, then and now, will recognize that this is the underlying strategy behind every management decision he, and those on staff willing to follow his lead, imposed upon our City Council and the citizens of Brea.

Second, was the extremely contentious election of 2010, when it became clear that Brea’s elections had been manipulated for at least a decade by well rooted small special interest groups. Anyone monitoring the “rough and tumble” politics of the 2010 election witnessed this firsthand.

Elections in 2012 proved to be much of the same. Same dirty politics. Same dirty politicians. Once again uninformed voters, fooled by lies and innuendos, turned their backs on candidates claiming to serve the best interests of our community electing instead a four term career politician and a neophyte.

Operation Clean Sweep Turned The Tide.

In 2014, retiring Council Member and former Mayor Roy Moore rightfully diagnosed Council as dysfunctional and organized the grass roots Operation Clean Sweep. Thankfully, Clean Sweep succeeded, giving Brea the beginnings of a renewed, reenergized City Council.

Will a sequel to Clean Sweep be needed in 2020? I can think of a couple of Council members who have overstayed their welcome. Brea is mired down in almost a half billion dollars in debt and, without a Council that takes it’s fiduciary duties seriously, a sustainable fiscal future is doubtful.

Without the natural control imposed by term limits and a clear willingness to serve the people’s best interests… it may make very good sense to replace a couple more politicians with folks unburdened by personal agendas.

The O’Donnell legacy continues.

pension liabilitySadly, the election 2018 still bore the scars of the O’Donnell legacy. Staff continues to hold the reins of power in city hall and rules with a complete disregard for public opinion.

Countering this imbalance of power, a new activist group has emerged, Brea First, to reverse the malignant adversarial politics that threatens our future.

The mission statement.

rock the boatThe goal of Brea Matters is to offer vetted information laced with a little dose of personal opinion. Regular readers of Brea Matters will easily be able to tell the difference and will form opinions of their own.

Buried under purposefully deceptive city speak and personal agendas having little to do with what’s best for Brea, the truth has not been an easy thing to uncover. I will do all I can to find it, share it and… as Is common with bloggers, offer opinions about it.

Markman & Flower

“I am no longer accepting the things I cannot change. I am changing the things I cannot accept.” – Dr. A. Davis